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Nathalie Picard
Nathalie Picard
Real estate broker

My Passion : Architecture

After a stimulating and enriching career in the film industry, I decided to return to school for a change of vocation and to be more available for my family. A career in Real Estate was the clear choice for me, who always had a profound interest in decor, architecture, stone, concern of the details and work well done. I enjoy an active lifestyle with endless opportunities to discover and share my passions with my clients and colleagues. It is my life line.

I have guided my clients since 2005 to help them to make wise decisions, right choices, optimized negotiations and relieve them from administrative procedures. I enjoy looking for novelty in marketing and presentation, finding economical ways to yield higher returns by providing guidance and framework for my sellers, ensuring an easy and optimal result. I will always keep you informed, it's a work team till the end with solutions and results.

I assist my buyers in search of new living spaces with their criteria, their needs and well-being in mind by supporting them from beginning to end, helping them steer towards their goals and aspirations. I am not afraid of innovation and creating ``out of the box`` ideas for my clients which can occasionally test their comfort zone but I always keep their best interest at heart and in mind. Communication, honesty, availability and understanding guide me in my endeavors.

My reward, your smile and happiness ...